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Cereals and Seeds Bagging Machines

Huida Packing has the expertise to clean, separate, sort, bag and palletize all types of seeds and grains with high efficiency and accuracy. We can help you develop pure products that are almost perfect in homogeneity, allowing your customers to enjoy their crops without risks.


The Huida Packing technology guarantees absolute reliability and flexibility when it comes to grains, seeds and cereals: these products are mostly bagged in paper or woven polypropylene bags, flat or gusseted, their size ranging from a minimum of 5-15 to a maximum of 25-50 kg.


At Huida Packing, we are committed to delivering top-of-the-line solutions for your cereal grain treating and packaging needs. Our team of experts understand the importance of preserving cereal grain quality while maximizing its potential, and we have designed our products with these factors in mind.


For efficient packaging, we offer a combination of a net weight scale, a high-speed open-mouth bagger, a hybrid bag palletizer and a rotary arm stretch wrapper that creates a seamless process from start to finish.


The open mouth bag filling system is suitable for all kinds of bags like PE,PP and kraft paper bags,with filling weights ranging from 5kg to 50kg.
Huida Packing offers a comprehensive weighing and dosing solution for all types of dry bulk materials, whether they are free-flowing or not, including powders, flakes, and granulates.

There are two primary principles that govern the weighing and dosing process:

Gross weight: In this method, the product is directly weighed within the bag. It is typically employed for lower speeds.

Net weight: With this approach, the product is first weighed in a pan before being released into the bag. This system is generally utilized for higher speeds and great accuracy.

Huida Packing ensures that regardless of the nature of the dry bulk goods, they have a suitable weighing and dosing solution to meet the specific requirements of each application.
HUIDA PACKING is a renowned manufacturer of complete bagging lines. With many years of experience, we have been providing bagging solutions to clients across various industries. Our extensive range of bagging machines allows us to offer tailored solutions to diverse sectors such as Mining, Building, Petrochemical, Chemical, Fertilizer, Food for Human Consumption, Animal Feed, and Non-Food Crops. We cater to all types of bags, including FFS, Open Mouth, and Big Bags.

Huida Packing propose turn-key packaging lines based on either FFS or open-mouth bag technology.

FFS: Fed by two gravity net weighers, the Huida Packing “FFS1200” class of Form Fill Seal machines is particularly suited for bagging fertilisers in pack sizes ranging from 10 to 50 kg, made from a PE tubular reel, with a maximum capacity of 1200 bags/hour.

When it comes to establishing long-term business relationships, quality and reliability are our top priorities. We take pride in having successfully completed over 2,000 projects for clients in more than 60 countries worldwide.

Our bagging machines are designed for high performance, offering accuracy, speed, and reliability.​​​​​​​
Robotic palletizer
Once the bags are filled, sealed, and quality checked, they need to be palletized before they can be transported to their destination. Ensuring proper palletization is crucial for safe long-distance transportation. HUIDA PACKING provides a range of palletizers to cater to diverse requirements.

Irrespective of the type of bag that needs to be palletized, HUIDA PACKING has the ideal solution to achieve high-quality palletization. Palletizers with a high infeed level are suitable for bagging operations that require fast speeds.

High-performance robotic palletizer,always provide customers with customized product palletizing solutions by support of Huida's advanced technology. We use different robot models and grippers according to customer specified needs.Selection and editing of pallet patterns can be easily performed via the touch screen. Responsive remote service helps customers resolve issues such as program upgrades,troubleshooting or adding new pallet pattern program without having to send an engineer to the customer site.
To complete the bagging and palletizing process, we employ automatic quality control devices and end-of-line equipment. These include check weighers, metal detectors, and bag leakage control devices, which ensure that the contents of the bags are untainted and that the bags are of the correct weight.

Once the bagging and palletizing process is complete, the last step before storage and transportation is protecting your pallets. We utilize an efficient End-of-Line Stretch Hood system for this purpose. This method guarantees optimal pallet stability during transport, while also efficiently shielding the bags from humidity and dust, ensuring their protection.
Product: Bagged seeds
Specifications: 15-25KG, bag size: 300*600mm
Project Introduction: Efficient automation operation, precise measurement and packaging, stable and reliable work performance, and intelligent management system have brought revolutionary changes and improvements to the seed packaging industry.
We know the peculiarities of the materials of your sector
Cereals and Seeds Industry
Choosing a bagging line by Huida Packing is a guarantee of packing cereals and seeds  with high speed, absolute weighing accuracy and long-lasting reliability.
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