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Sugar Bagging Machines

Sugar is generally a free flowing granule, but certain types can be a fine powder (e.g. confectionary) or somewhat sticky (e.g. brown sugar). Sugar can be found packaged in packets (2-4 grams), 1-10 lb. bags for retail and 20 lb. – 4,000 lb. totes for commercial baking and Industrial.Some of the main challenges of bagging sugar include clean filling, reducing dust, and cleanability of the equipment.


Huida Packing addresses these issues through our high-speed open-mouth bagger, a clean filling, automated solution that reduces manpower while minimizing costs, with 2x less product giveaway than other leading equipment on the market. This equipment is engineered to minimize dust emission and is simply designed and easy to clean. For the packaging of powdered sugar, Huida Packing offers a complete line including valve bag packers, Pinch bottom bag closers/sealers and FIBC bulk bag fillers are also available.

In all Huida Packing systems for sugar, either open-mouth or FFS-bagging machine, all parts in contact with the product are in stainless steel; our gravity-fed net weighers guarantee, along with our usual accuracy, a remarkable velocity with all bagging versions.

Once the bags are filled and closed, they are conveyed to a push-type high-level palletizer, that turns out to be the ideal solution to obtain a stable and cubic-shaped pallet given the good density of sugar and the very good distribution of the product inside the bags.

The completely automatic packaging lines for sugar can be integrated with check-weighing, metal-detection and bag-rejection devices; this family of product can also be bagged in bulk bags with our gross- or net-weight filling stations.
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If you are in the market for a sugar packaging system, you are in the right place. Our greatest strength consists in building complete customized sugar packaging lines, in terms of production and space available. 
Sugar packaging systems can be composed of several machines: conveying, dosing and weighing systems, bagging machines, open-mouth fillers, palletizers, pallet wrappers and accessories.
This machine is ideal for all those who want to move from manual/semi-automatic bagging to fully automatic bagging and/or require low capacity. Its compact size allow the machine installed in any existing production area.
High performance open mouth bagging machine is widely used in sugar and rice industries, realize fully automatic packing process for premade open mouth bag with integrated functions of bag feeding, bag opening, bag filling, bag sealing as well as other optional functions.

This is a fully automatic sugar bagging machine with a production capacity of up to 1200 bags per hour, ideal for the automatic packaging of granular materials with good fluidity, weighing range from 25-50kg.
We know the peculiarities of the materials of your sector
Sugar Industry
We process various types of sugar using bags of different materials and sizes. Both reel bags and pre-formed open-mouth bags. Square bottom bags, pillow bags, bags with side gussets and more. With the aim of guaranteeing product quality and properties.
Overview of Global Sugar Enterprises
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