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A Form, Fill and Seal bagging machine is an integrated solution in a compact system. The bag is cut and formed from a continuous tubular reel of PE.

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Plastic Granules Bagging Machines

The FFS bagging machines made in China by Huida Packing are Form Fill Seal baggers using a tubular PE film reel and provide technologically advanced solutions for bagging and palletizing biomass fuels and plastic granules, through the implementation of automatic packaging lines and systems tailored to customer needs.


A free-flowing product available in numerous sizes and forms, plastic pellets require proper handling and packaging to maintain their quality and performance. Huida Packing brings the power of automation to the packaging of plastic pellets, whether you’re looking to operate at moderate to high speeds.

Depending on the bag type you want to use or are already using in your operations, Huida Packing can set up a complete line starting with an open mouth bagger, a tubular FFS bagger or a valve bagger. Then, a conveyor will take the bags to be palletized by either a robotic or conventional palletizer.

Finally, these pallets can be wrapped either by a stretch hooder or stretch wrapper to secure and protect the product during handling and transport.

The main characteristics of Form Fill Seal Baggers, include:

  • Very high capacity outputs, over 500-1200 bags/hour;
  • Safe, stable, reliable and above all fast;
  • Monobloc with easy access for cleaning & inspection;
  • Clean workplace free of spillage.
  • Environmentally friendly bagging solution


The FFS Series tubular form fill and seal bagging machine is an affordable packaging system that can handle tubular form, fill, and seal applications for various production capacities and free-flowing materials.
* Packaging speed depends on different materials.


The FFS packaging machine uses PE tubular film as the packaging material, which is low-cost and has superior sealing, moisture-proof, waterproof, anti-fall and anti-fouling properties. At the same time, the FFS heavy packaging film is easy to recycle and process, whether in the production process, packaging field, or energy saving and environmental protection. These aspects will push the global packaging industry to a new level. FFS technology ensures packaging durability and sustainability and is suitable for tubular form fill seal bagging of bulk granules and powders in 10-50 kg bags.
Packaging speed
Maximum packaging speed of FFS1200
FFS CASE: Citric acid
This is an advanced production line that integrates efficiency, intelligence, and automation. It adopts advanced FFS technology and equipment to achieve the complete process of fully automatic packaging of citric acid, significantly improving production efficiency and product quality, and setting a new benchmark for the modernization and intelligent development of the citric acid industry.
We know the peculiarities of the materials of your sector
Plastic Granules Industry
Thanks to the versatility of its machines and the high specialization of its technical engineers and operators, Huida Packing can advise you on the best solution for bagging your pellet products and provide bagging machines that complement your production line.
Overview of Global Plastic Granules Enterprises
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