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Weighing machines, Bagging systems, Packaging machines, Palletisers and Wrappers for salt.

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Salt Bagging Machines

HUIDA PACKING designs and manufactures packaging, pallettizzing, wrapping and boxing systems for salt.

We can identify 2 types of salt, or even more:
Food salt: Used in the food and animal feed industries. It has a high level of purity.
Industrial salt: It is used in non-food sectors such as water conditioning, metallurgy, metal hardening, alluminum refining and pharmaceuticals.


Considering your bag type...
Salt can be packed in:
3-seal bags with square bottom: It is required when salt is sold as merchandise on shelves.
Stand-up pouch bags: It is used in non-foood sectors such as water conditioning, metallurgy, metal hardening, alluminum refiningand pharmaceuticals.


...to choose the packaging machine for you!
HUIDA PACKING covers the full range of salt packaging solutions.
There are 2 key factors in choosing the right machine:

  • Capacity: 500 g to 50 kg
  • Packaging speed required

HUIDA PACKING offers a wide range of machinery:


Bagging machines for preformed bags (open mouth). HUIDA PACKING is able to offer semi-automatic and fully automatic bagging solutions accordingto costumer requirements.

Vertical packaging machines (VFFS) that form, fill and seal bags.Starting from a reel of plastic film, they are able to create small and large formats.

Big Bag filling machines, big-bag systems, up to 1500 kg.


FFS Bagging systems for packaging salt tablets in tubular film reel up to 50 Kg.

Complete packaging lines: In many cases, market demands are not limited to a packaging system alone. HUIDA PACKING offers comprehensive packaging line for salt. Using shrink wrappers and case packers, packaged salt can be organized in bundles and placed in boxes. Finally, thanks to a wide range of palletizers, packages can be placed on pallets and wrapped with automatic or semi-automatic wrappers.


Quality salt and other mineral products for winter snow and ice removal, animal nutrition, water conditioning, swimming pools, industrial and food applications. From highways to farms to the kitchen and driveway, salt products contribute to a better quality of life.

There are many types of salt, such as:
Deicing Salt, Water Softening, Table & Culinary Salt, Ingredient Food Salt, Pool Salt, Animal Nutrition Salt, Fishery Salt, Industrial Salt, Highway Road Salt, Chemical Salt.
The challenges of bagging salt include clean filling, reducing dust, and cleanability of the equipment. Since salt is corrosive product, all salt packagin machines are constructed entirely of 316 stainless steel to prevent corrosion, from the frame to all parts in contact with the product. This also allows extremely high standards of hygiene to be mainteined.

Automatic bag bundling secondary packaging machine (bale), this unit is designed to fully automate the packaging process of neatly loading small pre-packaged salt products (150-1000g) into composite film plastic bags, and heat sealing them according to the required arrangement, such as single or double-row horizontal grouping.

Go to the article to discover more details on the solutions we offer for packaging Salt.
FFS CASE: Citric acid
This is an advanced production line that integrates efficiency, intelligence, and automation. It adopts advanced FFS technology and equipment to achieve the complete process of fully automatic packaging of citric acid, significantly improving production efficiency and product quality, and setting a new benchmark for the modernization and intelligent development of the citric acid industry.
We know the peculiarities of the materials of your sector
Salt Industry
The challenges of bagging salt include clean filling, reducing dust, and cleanability of the equipment.In response to these issues, HUIDA PACKIN presents our high-speed open-mouth bagger, an automated solution that reduces manpower while minimizing costs.
Overview of Global Salt Enterprises
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