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TB1000 Square Bottom( Carousel ) With Label Packaging Machine


– Speed : 25 bags per minute.
– Advanced PLC system to control machine operations.
– Horizontal sealer jaws, roller-pull system and most machine movements are driven by advanced servo motors .
– Advanced technique to forming The Brick pack Bag
– equipped with a vibrating device that press the materials inside the bag .
– Three touch screen to control all machine calibrations.
Applicable scope:
Powdery material (e.g. coffee, yeast, milk cream, food additive, metal powder, chemical product)
Granular material (e.g. rice, miscellaneous grains, pet food)


The ZB500N/500N2 brick bag vacuum packaging machine offers fully automatic
ntegration of feeding, weighing, bag-making, filling, shaping, evacuation, sealing,
bag mouth cutting, and finished product transport. This results in small brick
packs of high added value, shaped at a fixed weight, with excellent sealing and
a nice bag shape. This unit is ideal for vacuum packaging cereals such as rice
and grains, as well as powdery materials like coffee. Its fast packaging speed
and stable operation make it suitable for mass production, and it is well-suited
for both boxing and direct retail applications.
Model Unit size
Type of bag Bag size
Packaging speed
ZB500N 8800X3800X4080 Brick vacuum bag (60-120)x(40-60) 16-25
ZB500N2 6000X2800X3200 Brick vacuum bag (60-120)x(40-60)  25-40
ZB500N/500N2 Fully Automatic Brick Bag Vacuum Packaging Machine
ZB25K Heavy Bag Vacuum Packaging Unit

Machine introduction :

ZB25K vacuum packaging machine can realize the functions of feeding, weighing, filling, shaping, evacuation, sealing and transport of finished product and packs loose material into package of high added value, which is shaped at fixed weight. It has a fast packaging speed and runs stably. If it is equipped with elevation metering device, it can reduce powder flying. This unit is widely applied in vacuum packaging of food, chemical products, etc., the bag shape is nice and has good sealing effect, thus facilitates packing in box.

Applicable Scope

Powdery material (e.g. yeast, food additive, chemical product)
Granular material (e.g. rice, miscellaneous grains, food, pet food)
Model Type of bag Metering range
Packaging speed bags/min
ZB25K Brick vacuum bag 15-25 2-3

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