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Full Automatic Powder Vacuum Packaging Machine for Pharmaceutical Powder Products

Automatic 200g 250g 500g Coffee Powder Brick Bag Vacuum Packaging Machine. Huida ZB500N/500N2 fully automatic brick bag vacuum packaging machine is suitable for packaging both powdery materials (such as coffee, yeast, milk cream, food additives, metal powder, and chemical products) and granular materials (such as rice, various grains, and pet food).
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  • Vacuum Packaging Machine


ZB25K Heavy Bag Vacuum Packaging Unit

ZB25K vacuum packaging machine can realize the functions of feeding, weighing, filling, shaping, evacuation, sealing and transport of finished product and packs loose material into package of high added value, which is shaped at fixed weight. It has a fast packaging speed and runs stably. If it is equipped with elevation metering device, it can reduce powder flying. This unit is widely applied in vacuum packaging of food, chemical products, etc., the bag shape is nice and has good sealing effect, thus facilitates packing in box.

Applicable scope:

Powdery material (e.g. yeast, food additive, chemical product)

Granular material (e.g. rice, miscellaneous grains, food, pet food)


Unit size

Type of bag

Metering range


Packaging speed




Brick vacuum bag



ZB1000A6 & ZB2000A6  is specialized in packing products into vacuum status and brick shapes, various kinds of powder or granules are available, such as coffee, yeast, tea leaves etc. It's best to work with vertical form fill and seal machines to complete the automatic bagging line, Which consisting of screw loading conveyor with vibratory hopper feeder, cup filling or dosing system, automatic bag making machine with date printing unit, and the vacuum brick maker. Packed bag keep high quality in sealing, long time in reserving, smart in outlook.Advanced in vibration, pressing, reforming, vacuuming, sealing, cutting, smoothing and conveying such chief processing step, take result in getting nice bag shape and appropriate vacuum degree.

Weighing Machine:

Servo motor control material filling;
Can be detached for easy clean;
Simple and compact in design;
All stainless steel product contact parts. Non-contact parts are stainless steel and aluminum.

Working Process

Automatically supplying materials →weighing →bag making →filling →reshaping →vacuuming →sealing & cutting →conveying

Application :

The packaging machine can be vacuumed with different weight and filling system for various granule and powder like rice, beans, pet food, ground coffee, milk powder and food additive etc.

Technical Features:


Type of bag

Bag size


Metering range

Packaging speed


Brick vacuum bag



6-12 bags/min


Brick vacuum bag



6-12 bags/min

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