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Building Materials Bagging Machines

Building Materials (Dry Mortars, Concrete, Premix)
The bagging of dry mortars and cement-based building products can be considered one of the most smashing HUIDA PACKING achievements: over the last few years, our Company has in fact given to numerous Clients the possibility to change from pre-made valve bags to PE bags obtained from a tubular reel, preventing their batches to suffer any leakage and ensuring a cleaner and healthier environment for the operators, while still ensuring a nicely pillow-shaped bag and a very stable pallet.

It is a successful “packaging revolution” that the HUIDA PACKING company didn’t miss a chance to promote and lead.

Thanks to our special auger feeding system, produced with a higher thickness and anti-abrasive coating to guarantee a longer durability and effectiveness, these products, often a blend of cement, little stones, gravel and sand, are fed to our one or two net weighers and from there into the bag-holder of our FFS bagger machine.


FFS Bagging systems for packaging Building Materials in tubular film reel up to 50 Kg.

Complete packaging lines: In many cases, market demands are not limited to a packaging system alone. HUIDA PACKING offers comprehensive packaging line for building materials. Finally, thanks to a wide range of palletizers, packages can be placed on pallets and wrapped with automatic or semi-automatic wrappers.


HUIDA PACKING can also manufacture complete "turnkey" packaging plants for Building Materials., which cover the entire production cycle starting from the raw material up to the pallet of product, wrapped and ready to be sent to the end customer.
Dust and the ability to accommodate a wide range of product sizes are generally top concerns when it comes to efficiently bagging and palletizing building materials.

HUIDA PACKING’s complete solutions for bagging dry mortars, concrete, and premix can efficiently handle a variety of sizes and keep dust emission to a minimum. Plus, our offerings are fully customizable and come at a low cost. Generally, we recommend an FFS bagger. Complete bags can then transition to a conventional or robotic palletizer depending on your preference, and then wrapped by a rotary arm stretch wrapper for sturdy and stable shipping.

FFS CASE: Citric acid
This is an advanced production line that integrates efficiency, intelligence, and automation. It adopts advanced FFS technology and equipment to achieve the complete process of fully automatic packaging of citric acid, significantly improving production efficiency and product quality, and setting a new benchmark for the modernization and intelligent development of the citric acid industry.
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