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Rotary premade pouch packaging machine


Eeuiped with Multi-head combination weigher: Suitable for the quantitative packaging of a variety of irregular materials, such as snack foods (potato chips, rice crackers, candies), nuts (walnuts, pistachios, hazelnuts, etc.), frozen foods (dumplings, shrimp, frozen vegetables), and various other materials with irregular shapes such as granules, chunks, balls.


Equipped with Auger filler: Designed for packing ultra-fine powders, such as rice flour,
milk powder,building materials, coffee powder, seasoning powder, and toner.


The Large Bag Rotary Packaging Machine is specifically designed for 5-15kg granular and powdered materials. With the ability to accommodate bags up to 400mm in width, this versatile machine can handle a variety of preformed bags, including plastic film bags, woven bags, and bags with handles. Experience the convenience and efficiency of the Large Bag Rotary Packaging Machine, tailored to your packaging needs.
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