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Bag Bundling Packaging Machine (bale)
Production Process
Inner Pouches  
Horizontal Conveyor  
High-speed Conveyor  
Product Output 
Verticalbag-making Packaging Machine  
Counting & Unscrambling Machine  
Allows for a wide range of packaging options and enhances the versatility of the machine.

Introduction :

This unit is designed to fully automate the packaging process of neatly loading small pre-packaged products (150-1000g) into composite film plastic bags, and heat sealing them according to the required arrangement, such as single or double-row horizontal grouping. This fully automatic operation significantly reduces the need for manual labor, materials, and financial resources, leading to reduced production costs and increased production efficiency.
Automatic secondary packaging machine
Way Of Inner Bag Arrange

Introduction :

Secondary packaging solutions are the repacking of already packed products. Thisensures that products are packed properly and therefore goods do not get spoiled ordamaged. Packaging products well help in maintaining quality and standard as wellas keeping count of the number of pouches
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