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Cherry Tomato and Blue Berry Container hlling line

Main Introduction:

Blueberry and cherry tomato packaging machines are designed to provide efficient and precise packaging solutions for small fruits such as blueberries and cherry tomatoes. These machines are capable of quickly and accurately packing these fruits into boxes, while ensuring the fruits remain undamaged and in excellent condition during transport.

Technical Parameters :

Packing speed 80-100 boxes/min
Accuracy plus or minus one berry, about 2g
Height of the feeding 830 mm

Application & Characteristics

ZH-100 cartoning machine can load various kinds of materials like granules, powder, etc. and some packaging bags, etc. into the special carton boxes reliably and seal and send out the carton boxes. It is suitable for packaging of various kinds of foodstuff, chemical products, animal foods and agricultural products, has a wide range of use, meanwhile, the product to be packaged can be changed periodically according to different use requirements.

Main Technical Parameters

Max. design production capacity: 60-85 boxes/min
External dimensions of the machine: 5500×3000×2100mm(L×W×H)
Range of carton box size: Min. 80×40×160mm(L×W×H)
Max. 200×80×300mm (L×W×H)
Paper Box Packaging Machine(ZH100-A)
Automatic Case packing line


This machine is designed for bagged powdery and granular material.It typically includes several components, such as a case erector, product conveyor, case packer, and case sealer.The lines offer a number of benefits over manual packing processes, including increased efficiency, reduced labor costs, improved product quality, increased safety, and cost savings. They are suitable for a wide range of industries and applications, including food and beverage, pharmaceuticals, consumer goods, industrial components, and e-commerce.

Technical Parameters :

Size of carton box (200-450) L x (150-400)W x (100-350)H
Accuracy Power of entire machine: 5 kW
Air consumption 200 L/min
Pressure of air source 0.6MPa
Speed Speed: 120~150 bags/min (depending on material)
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