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Tubular form fll and seal bagging machine


The FFS series bagging machine is an affordable packaging system that can handle tubular form, fill, and seal applications for various production capacities and free-flowing materials. The machine can easily adjust to different bag lengths and widths, and it's simple to install and maintain with full access for control, adjustment, and maintenance.
Speed up to 20 bags per minute (1200 bags per hour)
Bulk Materials Fibers, flakes, granules, pellets, and powders
Bag Types Pillow-bag

Brief introduction of equipment

The powder packing machine is designed for filling and packaging of heavy bags of various powder materials. With an advanced control system and weighing mechanism, the machine can accurately weigh and package different types of powders, such as flour, milk powder, and chemical powders.

Main Technical Parameters

Packaging weight 20-50kg
Measuring accuracy ±50g
Way of auger filling Vertical auger feeding Horizontal auger feeding with scale
Packaging speed 4-5bags/min 6-8 bags/min
Bag size Bag width(mm) 450-550
Bag length(mm) 800-1000
Bag material Woven bag, Kraft bag, Composite film plastic bag
GFCF25L fully automatic powder open mouth heavy bag packaging machine
GFCF25UFL automatic Ultra-fne powder open mouth bag vacuum packaging machine

Machine introduction :

The 25kg fully automatic open-mouth bag packaging machine is designed for packaging ultra-fine powder with a particle size of more than 150 microns. This machine is equipped with material air exhaust which can effectively collect the dust generated during the filling process to ensure the cleanliness of the working environment and material accuracy .

Technical Parameters :

Packaging weight 25kg
Measuring accuracy: 0.5%
Way of auger filling Horizontal auger feeding with scale
(equipped with lift air exhaust system )
Packaging speed 2-4bags/min
Bag size 580-900mm
( can be design according to customer bag size )
Bag material PE bag

Brief introduction of equipment

This open-mouth bag granule weighing and packaging machine is specially designed for quantitative weighing and packaging of various granular materials, such as rice, seeds, beans, pet food, etc.

Technical Parameters

Applicable scope Granular materials (e.g. rice,miscellaneous grains,food,pet food)
Packaging weight 10-20kg 25-30kg 40-50kg
Measuring accuracy ±50g
Packaging speed 10-18 bags/min(slight variation depending on the packaging material,bag size etc.)
Bag size Bag width(mm) 350-450 450-550 550-650
Bag length(mm) 630-830 800-1000 900-1100
Bag material Woven bag, Kraft bag, Composite film plastic bag
Sealing type
Woven bag: Folding/seaming
Kraft bag: Heat sealing/seaming
Composite film plastic bag: heat sealing
GFCKG25 Granule open-mouth bag packaging machine (high-speed machine)
CJD1000K Bulk bag packing machine


The Bulk Bag Packaging Machine is a specialized equipment designed for the packaging of bulk materials such as powders, granules, and pellets. The machine is capable of filling and packaging materials into heavy-duty bags, also known as FIBCs (Flexible Intermediate Bulk Containers) or bulk bags. The machine features a user-friendly interface that allows for easy operation, and its automated design enables it to handle large quantities of materials efficiently.

Main function & parameter

Model CJD1000K
Applicable Packing Ton bags
Material range 500-1200kg
Packing speed feeding ON to OFF, 4-6 tons/H
Accuracy static accuracy 0.1%FA.OIMLⅢ grade, dynamic accuracy 0.3%
Air supply 0.4-0.6 Mpa, 2 M3/H
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