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Cat Litter Packaging Machine

Thanks to the use of innovative and cutting edge technologies, all of the machines proposed, from the simplest to the most automated and high performance, are designed always to guarantee that cat litters are packaged perfectly.

This type of product can be dosed using the net and gross weight weighing systems, on the basis of the customer's production requirements.

The Huida Packing manufactures highly performing complete packaging lines for cat litter, our completely automatic packaging lines can really give a significant rush to any company active in this field.

Thanks to our technological flexibility, we have obtained outstanding results both treating mineral-based cat litter (bentonite and derivatives) and the newly-introduced vegetal-based cat litter (based on wooden pellets and residuals of wood).

In spite of the system velocity, the bags are all picked up, firmly held, filled and closed without any bending, twisting, tearing or falling thanks to the special bag picking and clamping devices.

Cat litters can be packaged using:
vertical packaging machines, for 100 g to 25 Kg packages
bagging systems for packaging in open mouth bags up to 50 Kg
big-bag systems for packaging large quantities.
Finally, thanks to a wide range of palletisers, the packages can be placed on pallets and wrapped by automatic and semi-automatic wrappers.

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Various models suitable for pet food packaging

Higly versatile and automatic cat litter packing machines with innovative bag closing solutions. Attractive product display. Easy operation. Efficiently package cat litter with our high-performance machines. Save time & reduce waste.
Cat Litter vertical packaging machine​​​​​​​
Product: Bagged cat litter, 2.5 KG-15 KG
Project Introduction: ​This cat litter VFFS system suitable for many kinds of fragile and granular products with high accuracy in weight, such as cat litter, puffed food, frozen food, pet food, potato chips, biscuits, dried fruits, gummy bears, cashews, etc. 
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