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Pet Food & Treats Bagging Machines

Pet Food and Snacks packaging? It’s our thing! Pet food and pet treats including kibbles, jerky, strips, sticks and extruded treats. In pet food packaging, high production and aesthetics are essential. Our machines can satisfy both needs.We can provide multiple packaging solutions for pet food packaging. 
Suitable for bag types of different sizes and weights.

HUIDA PACKING has engineered and created several solutions for both open-mouth bags, bags from plastic reels and reel of tubular film (FFS) .

Open-mouth bagging machine (preformed bags): HUIDA PACKING offers a wide selection of machinery. The GFCK-GS high-speed granule packaging machine is a high-tech machine, the ultimate in pet food packaging. 


Highlights: high production of up to 1200 bags/hour and maximum flexibility in format. This machine can handle different types of bags like woven bags, kraft paper bags, PE bags and much more. The GFCK-GS series are the perfect solutions for medium and large bags, from 10 to 50 Kg,

Vertical packaging machines: concerning bags from a plastic reel, HUIDA PACKING has designed the VFS series to Form, Fill and Seal (VFFS) any type of film with any kind of product.


Rotary premade pouch packaging machine, equiped with multi-head combination weigher, suitable for the quantitative packaging of a variety of irregular materials.

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Various models suitable for pet food packaging

High performance open mouth bagging machine is widely used in pet food, sugar and rice industries, realize fully automatic packing process for premade open mouth bag with integrated functions of bag feeding, bag opening, bag filling, bag sealing as well as other optional functions.
Product: Bagged Dog food. 10KG, bag size: 350*500mm
Project Introduction: This dog food bagging machine fills and seals open mouth bags at a rate of 3-8 bags per minute with good weight fill accuracy. This is a proven design refined over many years to give users an accurate fill weight. It is ergonomically designed to reduce repetitive motions and have a quick fill time with convenient access for maintenance.
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