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VFS320/5000D/5000B/7300B/9000/1100 /1500/1700 vertical form fill and seal packaging machine

Technical Features

  • Equipped with sensor check the colour mark for bag length
  • Film pulling centralized system
  • Film easy and connect Unit easy to change roll of film
  • Film Pulling - Servo Driven
  • Horizontal Sealing - Servo Driven(Vertical Sealing - Pneumatic)
  • Motor driving film roll unwinding system
  • Sealing temperate, film roll, print ribbon, film used up, door locking all have          sensor checking and alarm shows on screen
  • Have film antistatic function
  • Diamond plate forming collar
  • HMI touch screen display
  • Dust extraction outlet in the forming pipe
  • Pneumatic air shaft
  • Air removal device (Pin hole system)
Model Extemal Dimersions
Type of Bag Range of Bag Width
Packaging Speed
ID of Reel
Max. Allowable OD of Reel
Compressed Air Requirement Power Supply
VFS320 1060x800x1010 Pillow bag, gusset bag, die cut bag (80-200)x(80-150) 40-80 72 400 0.6MPa 350L/min 380V 50-60Hz 3kW
VFS50000 1470x888x1400 (80-280)x(80-200) 30-80 75 400 0.6MPa 0.36L/min 380V 50-60Hz 3kW
VFS5000B 1800x1220x1680 (100-350)x(100-250) 20-90 75 450 0.6MPa 350L/min 380V 50-60Hz 5.5kW
VFS73008 1854x1440x1930 (100-460)x(100-350) 30-80 75 500 0.6MPa 350L/min 380V 50-60Hz 6kW
VFS9000 1900x1470x2080 (300-650)x(300-450) 20-60 75 450 0.6-0.8MPa 350L/min 380V 50-60Hz 6kW
VFS1100 2150x1760x2300 (300-6501x(300-550) 5-30 75 600 0.6~0.8MPa 300L/min 380V 50-60Hz 6.5kW
VFS1500 2210x2191x2572 (300-1000) x(350-750) 5-15 75 600 0.6MPa 360L/min 380V±10% 50Hz 8KW
VFS1700 6000x6000x9345 (300-1000)x(500-850) 2-5 75 600 0.8MPa 360L/min 380V±10% 50Hz 11KW
VFS 5000/7300A5 
VFS 5000/7300 A5 Automatic stabilo & quad bag making packaging machine with multihead scale


Suitable for the quantitative packaging of a variety of irregular materials, such as snack foods potato chips, rice crackers, candies), nuts (walnuts, pistachios, hazelnuts, etc., frozen foods (dumplings, shrimp, frozen vegetables), and various other materials with irregular shapes such as granules, chunks, balls.
Model Extemal Dimersions 
Type of Bag Range of Bag Width
Packaging Speed
ID of Reel Max. Allowable OD of Reel Compressed Air Requirement Power Supply
VFS5000A5 2455X1230X1660 Quad bag,
bag with
hole punching 
Front face width: 50-190
Side face width: 50-90
Width of corner seal: 5-8
Bag length range: 100-350
Max. width of packaging material: 520
15-55 Φ75mm Φ450mm 0.6MPa 350 L/min 380V 50-60Hz 3kW
VFS7300A5 2550X1420X1930 Front face width: 60-260
Side face width: 60-120
Width of side seal: 5-10
Bag length range: 100-460
Max. width of packaging material: 730
2-45 Φ75mm Φ450mm 0.6MPa 0.36L/min 380V 50-60Hz 3kW
Powder packaging unit - pillow bag & gusset bag with hole punching

Introduction :

This unit is a combination of a CJSL2000 auger weighing machine and a 5000D/5000B/7300B/1100 vertical filling packaging machine, designed specifically for measuring and packaging ultrafine powders that tend to generate heavy dust during the process. It offers a range of functions including metering,bag-making, packaging, sealing, printing, and counting. Additionally, the machine comes equipped with advanced level switches and can be fitted with anti-static and dust extraction devices for optimal performance. This unit provides an effective solution for fully automatic packaging of powdery materials, such as rice flour, milk powder, building materials, coffee powder, seasoning powder, and toner.
Type of bag: pillow bag, gusset bag and die cut bag
Model Bag Size(mm) Metering Range(g) Measuring Accuracy Packaging Speed
VFS5000D (80-300)x(80-200) 100-1000 ≤100g aocuracys ≤ ±2%,100-500g accuracy ≤ ±1%, ≥500g accurecy ≤ ±0.5% 20-50
VFS5000B (100-350)x(100-250) 1000-2000 15-50
VFS7300B (100-460)x(100-350) 1000-5000 10-40
VFS1100 (300-650)x(300-550) 3000-10000 5-20
VFS1500 (300-1000)x (350-750) 5~20kg 3~10
VFS5000D/5000B/7300B/1100 granule packaging unit

Introduction :

This integrated unit comprises a vertical filling packaging machine, servo-driven scale (or CJS2000-F weighing machine), and a bucket elevator, which together perform muliple functions including weighing, bag-making, edge-folding, filling, sealing, printing, punching, and counting.

The machine uses servo motor-driven timing belts for both film pulling and horizontal sealing, and all control components are sourced from reputable international brands with a proven track record of reliable performance.
Additionally, the machine's advanced design makes it easy to adjust, operate, and maintain, offering great convenience to users. Suit for granular packing such as rice, beans, salt, white sugar, and other similar materials with a wide weight range. 
Type of bag: pillow bag, gusset bag and die cut bag
Model Bag Size
Metering Range Measuring Accuracy Packaging Speed
VFS5000D (80-300)x(B0-200) 100-1000g 0.2%-0.5% 30-70
VFS5000B (100-350)x(100-250) 200g2000g 20-60
VFS7300B (100-460)x(100-350) 1000g-5000g 10-50
VFS1100 (300-650)x1300-550) 5-10kg 5-15
VFS1500 (300-1000)x (350-750) 10-25kg 3-8
VFS1700 (200~1000)x(500-850) 10-50kg 2-5
VFS5000D volumetric cup packing machine

Introduction :

This unit of machine comprises of a volumetric cup filling system and a VFS5000 vertical filling packaging machine.It is designed to pack small particle size materials with uniform specific gravity that weigh less than 1kg, including rice,beans,salt, white sugar, and other similar materials. The machine integrates automatic metering, bag-making, packaging, sealing, printing, and counting functions, all controlled through an advanced touch screen interface. For slat packing, the material contact parts will all made by 316L stainless steel.
Model Bag Size
Metering Range
Measuring accuracy Packaging Speed
VFS5000DS (80~300)x(80200) 100~1000g
(cup volume will make according to materlaldensity)
1% 50-70
VFS7300GY cream/thick sauce packaging unit

Introduction :

This machine is specifically designed for metering and filling high viscosity cream and paste materials. It adopts a servo rotor metering pump for accurate material metering and can be equipped with a insulation storage hopper and transfer pipes to ensure the material remains heated and easy to flow. 
In addition to automatic metering and filling, this machine also has the capability of automatic bag-making and packaging. It has a memory function that can store up to 100 product specifications and can easily switch between each type of parameter setting with the press of a single button. 
This machine is perfect for packing paste materials such as red bean paste, ketchup, mayonnaise, peanut butter and so on.
Model Bag Size
Matering Range Measuring Accurecy Packaging Speed
VFS7300GY (100-480)x[100-350) 100-5000g ≤ 0.5% 8-25
VFS1100GY ((300-6501x[300-550) 5-25kg ≤ 0.5% 3-8
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