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Weighing machines, Bagging systems, Packaging machines, Palletisers and Wrappers for animal feed.

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Animal Feed Bagging Machines

Huida Packing offers weighing machines, bagging systems, packaging machines, palletisers and wrappers for animal feed.


One of the main challenges of the animal feed industry is being able to package it effectively with minimal human labour. Further, as concern grows about the health and safety aspects of animal products that are destined for human consumption, food safety measures have become a growing priority.

Huida Packing creates durable, robust equipment for the animal feed industry. All of our equipment is made with stainless steel contact points that are easy to clean and access points such as interlocked doors that allow for easy and thorough cleaning.

For the Clients who need to bag animal feed in polyethylene bags, the Huida Packing offer is really expansive: they can be easily bagged with the pre-made open-mouth bags, but we can also suggest our FFS bagging machine, offering higher capacities and visibility of the product inside the bag along with all the advantages of the traditional animal feed bagging. With animal feed, the usual closing system will be sewing.


Animal feed can be packaged using:

  • Vertical packaging machines, for packages up to 15 Kg.
  • Rotary premade pouch for Packaging 5-15kg.
  • Bagging systems for packaging in open mouth bags up to 50 Kg.
  • FFS Bagging systems for packaging in tubular film reel up to 50 Kg.
  • Big-bag systems, for packaging large quantities.


The FFS Series tubular form fill and seal bagging machine is an affordable packaging system that can handle tubular form, fill, and seal applications for various production capacities and free-flowing materials.
* Packaging speed depends on different materials.


The FFS packaging machine uses PE tubular film as the packaging material, which is low-cost and has superior sealing, moisture-proof, waterproof, anti-fall and anti-fouling properties. At the same time, the FFS heavy packaging film is easy to recycle and process, whether in the production process, packaging field, or energy saving and environmental protection. These aspects will push the global packaging industry to a new level. FFS technology ensures packaging durability and sustainability and is suitable for tubular form fill seal bagging of bulk granules and powders in 10-50 kg bags.
Packaging speed
Maximum packaging speed of FFS1200
FFS CASE: Fish Feed
Product: Bagged fish feed
Specifications: Weight 25Kg, bag size: 800*420 (mm)
Project Introduction: The FFS fully automatic packaging production line for fish feed is an advanced production line that integrates efficient automation and precise control technology. Through intelligent equipment, it achieves fast and stable packaging of fish feed, ensuring product quality and production efficiency, and meeting the needs of large-scale fish feed production.
Open Mouth Bagger Case Video
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Animal Feed Industry
Our machinery reduces the number of operators on a line that are doing physically repetitive or dangerous tasks and actually engages the operator to improve the overall efficiency of the line.
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