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Corn Seed Agricultural Factory Automatic Secondary Bagging Packaging Machine for Rice/Seeds/Salt/Peanut Small Pouch Bagging Into Big PP Woven Bag

Best Full Auto Bag in Bag Secondary Packaging Machine for Sale. 

This is a complete Full Auto Bag in Bag Packing Machine,includes primary packaging machine, connecting conveyor,automatic bag baler packing machine, take-off conveyor, suitable for baler the small bags into big plastic bag in a certain order. Can be used for different kinds of granule or powder products when equipped with different dosing machine, such as salt, sugar, rice, seasoning powder,etc.
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  • 1100


Bag bundling packaging machine (Bale)

This unit is designed to fully automate the packaging process of neatly loading small pre-packaged products (150-1000g) into composite film plastic bags, and heat sealing them according to the required arrangement, such as single or double-row horizontal grouping. This fully automatic operation significantly reduces the need for manual labor, materials, and financial resources, leading to reduced production costs and increased production efficiency. The unit is widely used for packaging powdery and granular materials, including washing powder, salt, seeds, milk powder, and more. It is an ideal secondary packaging machine for many large companies. The equipment includes a double-layer inclined conveyor, high-speed conveyor, counting and unscrambling machine, vertical bag-making, filling and packaging machine, and product conveyor, among others.

Automatic Bundling machine is used for secondary packaging of the primary bags. It uses the same Vertical Form Fill Seal principal and makes large bags of LDPE films(Laminated films).

Production process:

Inner pouches → horizontal conveyor → double-layer inclined conveyor → high-speed conveyor → counting and unscrambling machine → vertical bag-making packaging machine → Sealing → product output.


1.This machine is equipped with a touch screen control system, which ensures ease of operation, efficient specification changeover and maintenance, and provides high levels of safety and reliability..

2.The bundling machine offers various forms of arrangement to meet the specific needs of customers. It can be customized to perform single or double-row horizontal grouping or other forms of arrangement to achieve the desired packaging effect. This flexibility in arrangement allows for a wide range of packaging options and enhances the versatility of the machine.


Type of big bag

Film width range

Packaging speed


Form of arrangement


Pillow bag,gusset bag(Formed by roll film)


4~8 for big bags

50~110 for small bags

Horizontal single or double-row grouping


Pillow bag,gusset bag(Formed by roll film)


2~5 for big bags

50~110 for small bags

Horizontal single , double-row grouping,three-row grouping


At Huida Packing, we are not just manufacturers of equipment, but are also responsible for the entire operation from the start to the finish. We believe in providing complete turnkey automated secondary packaging solutions that will meet your secondary packaging requirements effectively. 

Introduction :

Secondary packaging solutions are the repacking of already packed products. This ensures that products are packed properly and therefore goods do not get spoiled or damaged. Packaging products well help in maintaining quality and standard as well as keeping count of the number of pouches and boxes.

Huida 1100 single station secondary packaging machine

Huida double station secondary packaging machine


  • To pack pouches of grains and powders into pre-formed bags

  • To replace high cost cartooning and baling

  • To overcomes manual and disorderly packaging

  • Space reduction as compared to manual packaging.

  • Packaging becomes efficient and hence the productivity increases.

  • System can be aligned for further warehousing automations making the overall packaging and logistics not dependant on workforce.

  • Every bag produced is check for correctness in the pouch count with the help of secondary bag weighment.

Way of inner bag arrange:

Way of inner bag arrange Way of inner bag arrange Way of inner bag arrange


  • Online Dynamic Check Weigher for pouches with auto rejector.

  • Metal detection of pouches with auto rejector.

  • Fully automatic with Bag placer & Auto-stich feeder.

  • Automatic Pouch Counter.

  • Metal Detector & Weighing for bag available.

  • Single machine can handle multiple product varients.

  • Centralized Data Logging System.


Machine model



Pouch Weight

0.2Kg – 10Kgs

Secondary Bag


Machine Speed

Infeed - 40-110 Pouches/min
Outfeed - 2-5 Bags/min

Infeed - 80-220 Pouches/min
Outfeed - 2-10 Bags/min

Types of bags

Preformed Open Mouth, Pillow/Gusset Bags

Material of bags

PE/HDPE/Pape/Woven bag

Bag feeding system

Magazine Feeder

Type of sealing

Thread Stitching / Heat Sealing

Pouch weight check


Bag Weight Check


Metal Detection


Secondary Packaging Machine Applications

The Huida's secondary packaging machine is often used for the packaging of powdery and granular materials such as washing powder, salt, rice, sugar, seeds, peanut, grain, nuts, fertilizer, snacks, corn, pet feed, and milk powder. It is a fully automatic machine for major companies to achieve secondary bagging. It is widely used in food, medicine, condiments, chemical, and other industries.

Huida Packing Secondary Packaging Machine Applications

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