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Paper Box Packaging Machine(ZH100-A)

Paper Box Packaging Machine(ZH100-A)
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  • ZH100-A

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Paper Box Packaging Machine(ZH100-A)

paper box packing machine

Application and characteristics

ZH-100 cartoning machine can load various kinds of materials like granules, powder, etc. and some packaging bags, etc. into the special carton boxes reliably and seal and send out the carton boxes. It is suitable for packaging of various kinds of foodstuff, chemical products, animal foods and agricultural products, has a wide range of use, meanwhile, the product to be packaged can be changed periodically according to different use requirements, yet the die set change interval is short and its adjustment is simple and convenient. It is not only suitable for mass production of a single variety, but also can satisfy user’s small-batch production of different varieties.


Electronic adjustment system for packaging speed;

The packaging size can be adjusted;

With dust removal pipe and vibration as well as special mechanism specially designed for some materials to be packaged;

Electronic control glue spraying system;

Reliable fault protection system.

Main technical parameters

Max. design production capacity:

60-85 boxes/min

External dimensions of the machine:


Unit weight:

≈3500 kg

Range of carton box size:

Min. 80×40×160mm(L×W×H)

Max. 200×80×300mm (L×W×H)



Rated power

≈13 kW

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