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HUIDA Fully Automatic Heavy Bag Granule Packaging Machine Unit(25kg/50kg)

The heavy bag 25kg-50kg packing machine offered here are equipped with intelligent options and can perform precise packaging works across various spectrums. Wholesale fully automatic heavy bag granule packaging machine from huida packing machine co., Ltd. Huida packaging machinery will be your first choice.
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  • GFCKG25


Brief introduction of equipment:

This open-mouth bag granule weighing and packaging machine is specially designed for quantitative weighing and packaging of various granular materials, such as rice, seeds, beans, pet food, etc. The machine adopts a PLC control system and an advanced touch screen interface, making operation and parameter setting simple and intuitive. The weighing system uses high-precision sensors and a fast and stable weighing controller, ensuring high accuracy and efficiency. The bag clamping and opening mechanism can adjust the width and height according to different bag sizes, and the bag feeding and sealing is automatic, reducing labor and improving production efficiency. The machine is also equipped with a dust collector and a material level sensor, ensuring a clean working environment and avoiding material waste.

The heavy bag packaging machine is widely used in various industries that require packaging of granular materials, such as food, chemical, agricultural, and building materials industries. It is suitable for the packaging of various granular materials such as rice, seeds, sugar, fertilizer, PVC particles, etc.



Applicable scopeGranular materials(e.g.rice,miscellaneous grains,food,pet food)
Packaging weight10-20kg25-30kg40-50kg
Measuring accuracy±50g
Packaging speed10-18 bags/min(slight variation depending on the packaging material,bag size etc.)
Bag sizeBag width(mm)350-450450-550550-650
Bag length(mm)630-830800-1000900-1100
Bag materialWoven bag,Kraft bag,Composite film plastic bag
Sealing typeWoven bag:Folding/seaming
Kraft bag:Heat sealing/seaming
Composite film plastic bag:heat sealing


grain, granular drug, capsule, seed,fertilizer, condiments, granulated sugar, chicken essence, melon seeds, nuts etc.


This packing unit includes one set of DT2 bucket elevator, one set of servo weighing, one set of GFCKG25 granule heavy bag packaging machine, one set of sewing/sealing machine.

This machine integrates the functions of feeding, weighing, filling, bag-feeding, bag-opening, conveying, sealing/sewing, etc.

The machine has good sealing performance and can meet customer’s hygienic requirements.

All the electrical components and control components adopt local and foreign well-known brands with reliable performance, such as Siemens PLC and touch screen, Delta converter and servo motor, Schneider and Omron electrical components, etc. Man-machine dialogue platform, both the operator and debugging personnel can set parameters through the touch screen.

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