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GFCF25L Fully Automatic Powder Open Mouth Heavy Bag Packaging Machine

 GFCF25L fully automatic powder open mouth heavy bag packaging machine 

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  • GFCF25L


GFCF25L fully automatic powder open mouth heavy bag packaging machine

heavy bag packing machine (2)

Brief introduction of equipment

The powder packing machine is designed for filling and packaging of heavy bags of various powder materials. With an advanced control system and weighing mechanism, the machine can accurately weigh and package different types of powders, such as flour, milk powder, and chemical powders.

The machine is equipped with a double auger feeding mechanism or vertical lift type auger ( filling system chooses according material features), which ensures stable and accurate feeding of the powder materials. The bag clamping leading mechanism ensures a tight seal of the bags, while the automatic bag sewing &sealing system ensures the bags are closed securely( adopted difference way of sealing for different type of bag ).

The machine is also designed for easy operation and maintenance, with a user-friendly interface and simple structure. Overall, the powder packing machine is an ideal solution for efficient and accurate packaging of powder materials in large quantities.

Technical parameters:




Applicable scope

Powdery material (Less than 100um)

(e.g. wheat flour, coffee powder,milk powder)

Packaging weight


Measuring accuracy:


Way of auger filling

Vertical auger feeding

Horizontal auger feeding with scale

Packaging speed


6-8 bags/min

Bag size

Bag width(mm)


Bag length(mm)


Bag material

Woven bag, Kraft bag, Composite film plastic bag

Sealing type

Woven bag:Folding/seaming;

Kraft bag:Heat sealing/seaming

Composite film plastic bag:heat sealing

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