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Dried fruits


Thanks to the use of innovative and cutting edge technologies, all of the machines proposed, from the simplest to the most automated and high performance, are designed always to guarantee that all varieties of dried fruits are packaged perfectly.

The product can be dosed using net weight or gross weight weighing systems until reaching use of vibrating channels or multi-head systems for high production.

Dried fruits can be packaged using:

Vertical packaging machines, for 100 g to 15 Kg packages
Bagging systems for packaging in open mouth bags up to 50 Kg
Big-bag systems for packaging large quantities.
All of the machines for packaging dried fruits can be manufactured entirely in 304 stainless steel, in addition to the parts in contact with the product.

Using the shrink wrappers and case packers, the packaged dried fruits can be organised in bundles and introduced into boxes. Finally, thanks to a wide range of palletisers, the packages can be placed on pallets and wrapped by automatic and semi-automatic wrappers
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