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Huida Packing Ton Bag Large Packaging Production Line was successfully delivered at the customer's site - dedicated to ultra-fine powder packaging

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Iron oxide is a reddish-brown ultra-fine powder with a particularly large gas content, fluidity like water, and large dustiness. These characteristics make its packaging process extremely challenging. In response to these problems, our company has specially configured pallet warehouses, cardboard placement machines, ton bag packaging machines, vibration conveyors, re-inspection scale conveyors, dust collectors, rotary reversing conveyors, shaping machines, inkjet printers, and baling machines. and a series of advanced equipment such as film wrapping machines to ensure the smooth progress of the packaging process.

The entire packaging production line process is designed scientifically and rationally. From automatic loading of pallets and cardboard, to large packaging in large ton bags, product re-inspection, packaging processing, and finally to the final film wrapping and protection, every step has been carefully planned and debugged. It is particularly worth mentioning that the ton bag packaging system uses advanced technologies such as twin decanters to realize thick and fine material feeding, manual bag hanging and controlled bag clamping, and cylinder lifting to ensure the uniformity of material discharging and the accuracy of packaging. At the same time, the dust collector performs suction and dust removal during the entire packaging process, effectively reducing dust spillage and protecting the production environment.

In addition, the production line is also equipped with a re-inspection scale conveyor to weigh the packaged products again to ensure that product quality meets standards. The packaging system uses a series of processes such as coding, shaping, press-down packaging, horizontal packaging and film wrapping to make the product beautiful in appearance and with excellent protective performance.

This production line is not only suitable for ultra-fine powder packaging of iron oxide, but can also be widely used in food, chemical industry, construction, new energy and other fields to meet the large-volume, high-precision, high-standard and automated production needs of large bag packaging.

This delivery work at the customer's site was highly recognized and appreciated by the customer. Customers said that the production line not only improved their packaging efficiency, but also greatly reduced production costs and environmental pollution, bringing them tangible benefits.

Huida's packaging technology team has more than 20 years of experience in the R&D and manufacturing of packaging equipment, and has advanced manufacturing capabilities in the field of packaging machinery automation. Our company will continue to uphold the concepts of innovation, professionalism and service, focus on packaging machinery, base on technological innovation and high-quality services, continue to create value for customers, continuously improve product quality and service levels, and provide customers with more high-quality and efficient products. Packaging solutions, jointly promote the development and progress of the industry.

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